{Simple Altered Bottles}

“Hello? Is there anybody out there? Just nod if you can hear me…” I feel so strange posting and trying to get back into the art mode again. It has been over six weeks since I created anything (unless you include painting and hanging pictures in our new home)…we are still settling in but have come along way in the 3 + weeks of living here…and there is so much more to be done. I still sweep drywall dust almost daily and move things from place to place getting them out of the way for some other “house project”…but when I look outside at all the glorious nature and trees budding it is so worth it. Each day I hear and see ducks, swans, geese and even a coyote one morning (I’m not out in the country but there are fields nearby)…and the lake views are just amazing. :)

Today was a totally me day (for the most part) and since most of my art supplies are packed away…I decided that I would make my first altered bottles using old empty Prima flower containers. Very simple and nothing fancy. I filled them with shells and old buttons and just a tad of ribbon/twill at the top of each jar.

As for the studio…well that is another work in progress. I convinced hubby to move my 6 foot Ikea desk to one side of the bedroom and will set up a small area there. Our basement is not finished and the dust from construction is unbelievable down there. I have sheets draped on my larger studio items and everything else is in boxes/bins. Over time it will all come together…but I do so miss my old sunroom where all my things were…the good thing is our basement is considered a walk-out with two large daylight windows and a door…now to drywall and get it finished.

I hope to catch up with all of you art blogging friends…I have missed you all terribly and seeing your gorgeous creations! :)

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