{Simply Neutrals #46}

Hello! Happy July! I was so happy to find out today was Simply Neutrals Tuesday…not because I have been in the studio creating things (because I have not) but because I love when Wen has it on her blog!

Today, I rustled up an oldie from the art archives using Bingo Cards…

I am joining Wen for Simply Neutrals Tuesday. Please visit her blog and see Wen’s and see many other artists beautiful posts as well: appleapricot.blogspot.com

Little bits of fabric collage, papers, and computer font text were added to the fronts of the cards.

My friend, little Tucker is growing like a weed. He just turned 7 months old. Still a joy to have around the house (and he tires me out too!)…this is his “snake eye” look. I’ve never owned a cat with gold eyes…he is my first. I hope you are staying cool my friends (we hit near 100 over the weekend) and have a wonderful July 4th Holiday!

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