{Small Treasures}

In the past week my Mom has been going through my Dad’s papers, photos and some personal belongings. This has been a difficult task because my Dad was a hoarder. :)
I have taken home about 15 boxes of slides to look through – and in my amazement found baby photos that I never knew existed of me. Since I only had 3 baby pictures to my name I was thrilled to say the least.

The other day we were sifting through a box that contained my Uncle’s World War II photos, papers, medals etc. and I came across many treasures. I actually felt sad when I found these photos of my Dad. He and I had spent many hours recording his life, and now I had new photos I knew nothing about. Photos of his father (my grandfather) as a little school boy in the early 1900’s have appeared. While I am so grateful for these beautiful treasures to be found – I can’t help but wonder why Dad never shared these. Perhaps it was his Parkinson’s that made him forget where these were located…but never the less they are photos that show what an adorable (and then handsome) man my Dad was.

Now I have a new job, documenting boxes of more family photos and trying to piece together the stories that go behind each one. Perhaps it was a plan from Dad – so we could feel close again even though he is not here with me.

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