{Soulful Adornments Necklace}


Way back in April, I enrolled in the online course Soulful Adornments with instructor Terri Heinz of artfulaffirmations.blogspot.com and finally I am posting my first little piece that was constructed during this class.



I was so excited to take part because soldering was a new avenue for me, but also because in December 2011 I met Miss Terri as she traveled through Michigan.


My necklace was made from old broken jewelry bits that came out of my own jewelry box, and a vintage rosary that I purchased. I love PURPLE so I was able to incorporate that into the piece as well.


My first beveled walls are a little crooked and quirky – but I did enjoy the process. The hardest part for me is shutting jump rings – something I am working on. Terri’s class was worth every penny! I learned so much and do hope to make many more of these altered adornments…and maybe make one as “beautimous” as her art one day!


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