{Spring Has Sprung Journal}

The Field Of Wonder

What could be more wonderful
Than the place where I walk sometimes?
Swaying like trees in rain . . .
Swaying like trees in sunshine
When breezes stir nothing but happiness . . .
What could be more lovely?
I walk in the Field of Wonder
Where colors come to be;
I stare at the sky . . .
I feel myself lifting on the wind
As the swallows lift and blow upward . . .
I see colors fade out, they die away . . .
I blow across a cloud . . . I am lifted . . .
How can I change again into a little girl
When wings are in my feeling of gladness?
This is strange to know
On a summer day at noon,
This is a wild new joy
When summer is over.
The scarlet of three maple trees
Will guide me home,
Oh mother my dear!
Fear nothing: I will come home
Before snow falls!

Hilda Conkling

Spring is coming…the days are getting longer and the sunshine streams brighter each day. While the weather keeps bouncing back and forth…I know soon we will be enjoying the sweet bulb flowers popping from the ground. I love bulb flowers! They remind me of the years I spent working as a florist. I made this little journal/scrapbook using various Paper Whimsy images, K & Company papers, bits of ephemera, and embellishments. I printed little bits of Hilda Conkling poetry to stay with the theme.

I am looking forward to smelling the spring air…and for those that are counting (or paying attention) it has now been 3 weeks! :) Happy Tuesday indeed!

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