Staying In

Hello My Friends! I hope this finds each one of you safe and well. This is a very scary and trying time for all of us. I have faith we will get through it if we are not selfish and do as we are instructed to do (staying in and away from others)…

I have not created in about six weeks or more. At the beginning of March, I started going through 17 years of scrapbooks, memorabilia, photos, artwork from children, baby calendars, etc. etc. I am scanning all my children’s school portraits and important pictures and events, a long with my favorite’s that always tug at my heartstrings when I look at them.

It is a HUGE task and taking me down memory lane as I read and re-live so many memories. I am slowly downsizing in “hopes” to move somewhere smaller. Part of it is hard to let go, and the other a relief to give my works of art and cataloging to someone else to enjoy! This is a good time to take the task on and finally do it.

I hope you are finding hobbies and projects to keep yourselves busy. I never have a problem being “bored” like so many complain about. There is always something that needs to be completed.

I hope in the coming weeks to share more art with you. Hopefully, the bulk of my project will be done by then. If you follow my page on Facebook, I have been trying each day to share art from the archives.

Stay safe. Be well.

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