{Sweetie Pie Gothic Arch}

Sweetie Pie Gothic Arch

Happy February!

I wanted to share a creation from a few weeks ago…a Gothic Arch. I miss making them, as many of you remember years ago I hosted the Gothic Arch challenge blog. We had a lot of fun then!

I just got over the Polar Vortex hitting my state (Michigan) and very thankful that today reached a high of 16 degrees! I’ve been hiding in the house pretty much the whole week. The worst night it was -42 with the windchill.

Tucker hunkering down in the cold…

I am happy to have February’s arrival today as it is one of my favorite months. It is also my birth month and I will be embracing the age of 55 this year. I love that it is a month full of hearts (Valentine’s Day) too!

I hope wherever you are you are warm. Winter came so late this year, but I’ve had enough of extreme cold.

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