Tapestry Tree Tie On’s

I am sharing a project from 2013 with you today.

These little tie-on’s are sure to add Victorian charm to your tree, garlands, or your Christmas gifts this year.


Wallpaper Remnants
Snowflakes (Dollar Store)
Matte Gel Medium
Wooden Stars
Ice Resin (optional)
Paint Brush
Silver Tinsel Stems
Assorted Paper Whimsy faces
Paper Whimsy Alterables
Silver German Glass Glitter
Silver Glitter Glue or Stickles
Fiskars Waterfall Paper Punch

(1) Cut wallpaper remnants or heavy pattern paper 11 inches long by 8 inches wide.

(2) Punch along each long edge with Fiskars Waterfall punch.

(3) Score and fold at ½ inch intervals.

(4) Fold all scored marks and gather up like a fan. Add Tacky glue to edges and join together using book clips to hold fan in place.

(5) Insert silver tinsel stem at bottom of fan and twist. Tie ribbon at bottom on silver tinsel stem.

(6) Add silver glitter to edges of fan.

(7) Glue snowflake in center of fan using E6000 glue.

(8) Paint Paper Whimsy wood alterable and wooden stars. When stars are dry add Matte Gel Medium and roll in Silver German glass glitter to cover star.

(9) Add collage image to center of each alterable using Matte Gel Medium. You may also add Ice Resin to images to give a incased in glass look.

(10) Glue alterable shape to center of snowflake with E6000 glue.

You can also use paper medallions in the center of snowflake and punch out circle collage images to take center stage.

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