{Tender Tinnies} 14 heARTS Day #4



Tender Tinnies

These little tinnies can be used for decorative purposes, or to store items (scissors, glue, pens) in your studio or office. They can be created in a variety of colors using various embellishments.


Aluminum cans or tins
Craft paint
Wire (19 Gauge)
Tin Hearts
Old Jewelry bits
Charms Cheesecloth
E6000 Glue
Lace (sheer and bordered)
Matte Gel Medium
Old text, sheet music or shredded paper
Distress ink
Old Keys
Paper Whimsy Sheet 052
Paper Whimsy Sheet 258


(1) Prep aluminum cans or tins by making sure all labels are off and no residue has been left behind on tin.

(2) Drill a hole on either side of the can near the lip. Measure to be sure they are at the same height. This is where you will place your wire handle.

(3) Apply gesso or primer to base of can. I usually find it will need two coats of gesso. I also find it helpful to paint the items over wax paper. The wax paper doesn’t allow the item to stick to the service while it is drying.

(4) Once can is dry paint another coat using selected craft paint. I decided to paint my tinnies in a cream color, but you could use any color. Apply another two coats of paint to tin.

(5) Add a torn strip of sheet music to the front of can. I used Matte Gel Medium to apply the music sheet with. Allow time for it to dry and set up. Once dry, add a bit of water to the craft paint color you are using and “wash” over the sheet music to give it a more aged and subdued look.

(6) Once tin is dry (make sure it is really dry) add lace along around the circumference of it. You will be layering a few pieces of different laces to give the tin some dimension.
*For sheer lace, you can use Matte Gel Medium. Apply directly to can and place lace on top. Smooth out with brush and add more matte gel. Run a bead of E6000 glue along the circumference of tin and add lace. Let each layer set up and dry before adding another.

(7) I have selected a rusty tin heart to use as my main embellishment on the tinnie. A bit of cheesecloth was added to the back (between can and heart) to add more dimension and the tin heart was glued into place using E6000 glue. I used a clothes pin to hold the heart into place while the glue sets.

(8) Once glue has set, I added a punched scallop circle and collage Paper Whimsy image (also punched in a circle shape.) The edges of the image were distressed with ink and set into place using more E6000 glue on the back. A small piece of old jewelry was glued to the center. I also added two mother of pearl buttons to the side of the heart (on the can) with E6000.

(9) I cut little bits of word art and glued on to the front of the can using Matte Gel Medium. You may also use old book text words to form phrases.

(10) Cut a piece of wire and insert through holes in side of can. Add a key (or other embellishment) and twist the wire together to form a curly cue.

(11) Fill can with shredded music sheets or colored paper shred.
Or fill with candy, pens, scissors and studio tools.


Each day 3 lucky winners could receive a free download image sheet from the lovely Gale Blair, owner of www.paperwhimsy.com

Paper Whimsy Sheet 052

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