{Thingamajig’s & Sewing Rants}

(My daughter’s Baby shoes and a locket my children gave me years ago)

My sewing machine became inoperable a few weeks ago. I had been sewing a project and the bobbin became tangled with the material. It was quite severe, and being the inpatient soul that I am…the bobbin casing was pulled up when I tried to untangle the thread. Hubby tried to fix it and watched a few videos and read pdf files, but the thing just wouldn’t work.

We opted not to take it in and have someone charge us 68.00 just to look at it. We didn’t pay that much for it – so did research for a new one. Are machines that replaceable now? Or can you just not fine a little old man that repairs machines?

Either way…J’s was having a sale and I came home with a Singer “Heavy Duty” machine. I didn’t need anything fancy schmancy! It sews like butter! I love it…but it scares me that machines may be replaced every few years because a tune up/repair may cost as much as a new machine.

Which leads me to this thingamajiggy….

I bought this a few weeks back at Kohl’s…cuz I loved it and thought it was unique. I have no idea what it is supposed to be. It does not have glass. I think ivy in the center might make a nice centerpiece….or??? Got ideas??

Happy March!

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