{Tickled Pink Collage}

I am tickled pink! Last Friday, I found out from Caryl Hoobler that a group of ladies from the Paper Whimsy Forum were traveling to Ann Arbor, Michigan for the weekend to enjoy art, antiques, and friendship. The PW Jammer Group has been planning this trip for months and will be coming from all over the United States (and Canada too). Gale Blair has a wonderful art project to make with us on Sunday.

I was born and raised in Ann Arbor, and now reside about 15 minutes north…I eagerly messaged Caryl and joined the board. The ladies have been soooo sweet and are all quite funny. While I won’t be joining them at night sleeping at the B & B (I have my own comfy bed 10 miles away) I plan to eek as much time getting to know each one in this group.

I really needed something to look forward to this week – as it is the hardest time for me to face during the year. So next weekend, I will be meeting so many lovely art/blog friends…some who I know and some that I have yet to meet…but what a lovely time we shall have!

Thank you PW Jammer ladies for opening your hearts and letting me join the fun at the last minute. Gotta finish those gifties for all 13 of you! :)

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