This piece was recently published in the Somerset Studio January/February 2007 issue on page 114. It is called “Time”.

I created this piece during August 2006 when my Dad was so ill.
We were learning there was nothing more the cancer doctor could treat him with to stop his lymphoma/leukemia and that he was dying. We did not know how much longer he had, 1 week, a few months or a year. This piece is a reflection of 10 years my Dad fought leukemia and Parkinson’s disease, and my finding comfort in a bible verse.

My father passed less than 3 weeks later. I am grateful for the “Time” that we had knowing we needed to cherish each moment. The hardest part for me was comforting him as he was afraid of leaving his family. He fretted about many things and wanted to discuss them with me. For some reason he never discussed his death with my Mom or my siblings. I like to think it was because I was his little “document” historian. I reminded my Dad until the end – how we needed to be thankful that God gave us so much more time together.

While that “time” was never enough – it is the comfort I find in my Dad’s death.

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