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I’ve been settling into a brand new space to create and settling into that look. Last weekend, hubby and I started painting our bedroom a lighter shade of blue. After much hemming and hawing (over a years worth) I settled on this color from Behr called “Rain Wash”…the color is different in the daylight, evening etc. it has a “green” hue to it.

After the bedroom was painted, we decided to reconfigure how our bedroom was laid out. This also meant that I was going to move my studio area “once again” from the living room to our bedroom, but do away with some of the furniture pieces I had before. We moved to a smaller home in March 2010. But, the benefits of this were amazing views of the two lakes, a LARGE lot with mature trees and a FULL basement. Since the basement it not finished (and pretty much smells like 1953) I want to be upstairs.

So since painting this past week, I have been purging. Furniture, supplies, etc. My beloved Expedit that was living in the basement was slowly moved up to the bedroom piece by piece. I have lived without it for almost 3 years begrudging that it was not upstairs.

This is the first piece in the new little area that I have organized (or as of this post it is) and I wanted to share it. If the rest of the studio area comes together before next October it will be a miracle!

Some of the vignette pieces are dear to my heart. Two of the Ball canning jars contain items from my Grandparent’s. Grandma had a lovely collection on antique lace, mother of pearl buttons and tatting materials. Grandpa had keys and trinkets that were placed in the other. Of course, “Sugar Lump” my company mascot takes center stage on the top shelf.

On the next shelf an old vintage box that was given to me by my Mother in law holds old cabinet cards. The sewing machine drawer holds my Grandfather’s Baby Photo (1899), wooden spools, and vintage bottles. A sweet pair of crocheted vintage gloves hangs over the edge.

Now to get the rest organized in the Ikea Expedit and other pieces, and purge, purge, purge. I have decided to let go of lots of doo-dads and doo-hickies. Thanks for letting me share the little bit of progress so far.

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