{Turning 50 and Love Journal Page}


Turning 50…I’m holding on to the last few hours of age 49…because tomorrow February 6th I will officially acknowledge 50 years of age. I cannot run from it any longer…and while my heart and spirit do not feel this age is even possible – I will embrace it and try not to look back. No special events but a dinner out with hubby…however, in July my bestie Merilee (who will turn 50 on the 9th) and I are going away to Northern Michigan and staying at a “Scottish” Bed & Breakfast…and we will dance by the shores of Lake Michigan and check off a few things from our bucket list!

I’ve added another page to my chipboard album for 2013…this time with the theme LOVE! I don’t use red much in my artwork — and sometimes find that to be a bit challenging.

This 2 page spread was made using old remnants of wallpaper, Paper Whimsy images and alterable products (frames and keys), red and gold wash craft paints,old recipe pages, and seam binding ribbon. I added some Hilda Conkling poetry also to the page.



Which will you choose?


I will keep them in a box
Locked with a twisted key.


I will give them to people who need love,
I will let them choose.


Fairy-love blows away like leaves.
Angels I know little about.


For myself I choose wave-love
Because of the wind and the sea and my heart.

~ Hilda Conkling ~

About Sugar Lump Studios

I am a dabbler. I love to create using all sorts of mediums...pattern papers, stamping, fabric, assemblage, collage, altered art, a never ending smattering of whatever strikes my fancy in whimsical moments. I find creating allows my soul to be fulfilled and love to spend hours in the studio.


  1. Wishing you a wonderful birthday, with many happy returns. Your trip with your friend later this year reminds me of a similar experience my best friend and I had for our 40th birthdays. A gorgeous journal page!

  2. Nancy! Beautiful pages, if you have difficulty with using red..do it some more I adore what you have done.

    Happy birthday :) I have always tried hard not to “mind” the age I have become…sometimes I am more successful than others LOL

  3. Congratulations on your very special 50th Birthday Nancy. Such gorgeous images you have posted of yourself.
    Your new pages look fantastic using the wallpaper with red and pink accents.
    Your almost Valentine’s Birthday Girl!. Have a wonderful celebration, enjoying your stay at the B&B crossing off items on your bucket list.
    Many Birthday Blessings,
    Suzy xox

  4. What a beautiful share, but I would expect nothing less! Turning 50 was not a big deal for me and actually the 40th was the one I felt really odd about! Now that I am in my 60’s, I will tell you a little secret, ENJOY BEING 50! You are one beautiful person, inside and out and your bring beauty into this world! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my pea shooting friend! Big Hugs!

  5. Happy Birthday! Love the photo collage and your journal page! 50 piece of cake! I’ll be 60 this year OMG!!!

    Enjoy your day!!


  6. Dear Nancy,
    hope your birthday was wonderful! ♥

  7. That’s so funny; I did the same thing the night before I turned 50. I actually said, several times, out loud, “I am STILL in my 40s, dangit!” Which lasted until midnight. I still feel like I’m in my 20s, though. I wonder if I will EVER grow up. :)

    My birthday is the day after yours, and until midnight I’ll be saying out loud, “I’m still only 52!” You know, like that makes a difference. LOL! If it helps, I was far more upset about turning 30 and then 40; heck, by now flipping a decade is old hat. Enjoy your birthday and eat plenty of cake!

  8. I was 50…….once! :)

    A very healthy and happy birthday to you my friend! Enjoy your dinner with your husband and your Scottish getaway with your friend sounds delightful.

    Love your chipboard art – beautiful!

    Here’s to many more happy and healthy years ahead! Cheers!

    Love, Marilyn xo

  9. happy birthday Nancy!! 50 is the new 29- so you go girl!! have a fabulous day! loved your layout with red and the vintage wallpaper was perfect!

  10. Such a lovely post dear Nancy ♥
    Enjoy being 50 years young …
    you wear it well (something about those birthdays with zeros on the end…I remind myself that it is just a number)
    Your journal pages are so warm and beautiful and your Scottish getaway with a special friend sounds just perfect too!
    Enjoy ♥ Enjoy
    *Happy Happy Birthday to You*

  11. Happy, happy birthday dear Nancy!!! Lovely photo collage. I remember that when I turned 50 I relished every little celebration of it but I’m not so sure about this coming one being I’ll officially have some “senior citizen” benefits…
    Your Scottish plans sound wonderful and I know you’ll enjoy every minute of it. I can already picture you in a kilt and dancing away :)
    Your love pages are gorgeous-I love the pink and red!!

  12. Happy Birthday Nancy! Have a wonderful day – you are only as young as you feel! Your journal looks wonderful. Nicola x

  13. Happy Birthday….hope you have a wonderful day.

  14. Happy Birthday dear Nancy I hope you had a lovely day, what a beautiful photo collage, and your book is so wonderfully made, love the red color and the images.
    Hugs Anni

  15. Congratulations on a very special birthday and season in your life!! Celebrating it with two of your favorite people sounds perfect. I hope you post some B&B pics! Loving your journal page and quote. xxoo Heidi

  16. Happy Birthday 50! It isn’t really so scary…actually it is rather liberating. A new chapter in the journey of life. Celebrate and enjoy every day dear…

  17. Happy birthday youngster!!!! As someone else commented, I too was 50 once..a long time ago!!! Ha. Your album pages are beautiful. I LoVe red. Enjoy your Scottish get-a-way, sounds wonderful. (Been watching for you on Antiques Roadshow…!!!)

  18. Happy birthday Nancy!
    Album pages are absolutely beautiful…i love red!
    Hugs from Slovenia

  19. Happy Birthday, dear Nancy, one day late! I hope your day was special–wish I were turning 50 again-enjoy, you are young!

  20. Happy Birthday Nancy and welcome to the 50’s! They’re really not so bad and I have 9 years of them under my belt. Your pages are beautiful, as are you!

  21. Bravo to you Nancy for owning turning 50 and why not, this could be the best decade of your life yet. How fabulous that you and your dear friend will be having a fun time at the Scottish Bed and Breakfast, lovely to forge new memories with a friend who you will have shared many old memories together.
    Adore your use of red, it is a lovely deep red, nothing brash about it and the wallpaper is the perfect addition.
    Belated Happy Birthday Wishes To You

  22. HI and HAPPIEST of birthdays—-50 is a mild stone, I have crossed too! You’ll be fine sweet lady! :) Age is all in the MIND! <3
    LOVE your red page here. It is one of my favorite colors to use in art. Burgandy and red! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!
    Best wishes and again Happy 50th Birthday!

  23. Birthday greetings dear Nancy – Oh I would love to be 50 again – make the most of it, I loved that decade!!!
    Lovely images from when you were a baby to your beautiful wedding – so lovely to see you!

    Two very sweet journal pages with great layering – lovely to see some red.
    You always inspire me Nancy!

    Hugs and best wishes – enjoy your trip to Lake Michigan!

  24. Happy Birthday Nancy. Beautiful journal page!

  25. Happy belated birthday Nancy! Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating YOU and remember, you’re only as old as you feel (or act!). Deb

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