{Turning 50 and Love Journal Page}


Turning 50…I’m holding on to the last few hours of age 49…because tomorrow February 6th I will officially acknowledge 50 years of age. I cannot run from it any longer…and while my heart and spirit do not feel this age is even possible – I will embrace it and try not to look back. No special events but a dinner out with hubby…however, in July my bestie Merilee (who will turn 50 on the 9th) and I are going away to Northern Michigan and staying at a “Scottish” Bed & Breakfast…and we will dance by the shores of Lake Michigan and check off a few things from our bucket list!

I’ve added another page to my chipboard album for 2013…this time with the theme LOVE! I don’t use red much in my artwork — and sometimes find that to be a bit challenging.

This 2 page spread was made using old remnants of wallpaper, Paper Whimsy images and alterable products (frames and keys), red and gold wash craft paints,old recipe pages, and seam binding ribbon. I added some Hilda Conkling poetry also to the page.



Which will you choose?


I will keep them in a box
Locked with a twisted key.


I will give them to people who need love,
I will let them choose.


Fairy-love blows away like leaves.
Angels I know little about.


For myself I choose wave-love
Because of the wind and the sea and my heart.

~ Hilda Conkling ~

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