{Victorian Petticoat Flounce Bag}






I’m sharing something that I created using a Antique Victorian Dress Petticoat Flounce…a little shabby…a little old…and a pinch of romance thrown in for good measure. I’ve had the remnant in my stash for a couple months just waiting to be made into something. There are wonderful stains and little tiny tears from wear in it too. I added a lace handle and two of my handmade fabric flowers for some girly girl bling.


I’m also enjoying Miss Millie Mae more and more each day! We were able to go outside and enjoy some sunshine the other day — but she seems to love the snow (her older sister cannot stand it.) Millie won’t know what grass is until May with the amount still on the ground! :-)

About Sugar Lump Studios

I am a dabbler. I love to create using all sorts of mediums...pattern papers, stamping, fabric, assemblage, collage, altered art, a never ending smattering of whatever strikes my fancy in whimsical moments. I find creating allows my soul to be fulfilled and love to spend hours in the studio.


  1. Nancy, your flounce bag is positively dreamy. I love it!

  2. I adore your vintage and girly bling lace flounce bag. How wonderful to have just the right elements when creating. Blissful…

  3. Pretty and delicate little lacey bag! Love the beads and trim! Beautiful share again and you know that includes Millie! What a face! Hugs!

  4. This flounce bag is so lovely Nancy! Precious! Speaking of precious – – – Millie Mae is adorable! I’m happy you’re catching up on sleep. :) xo

  5. Marjorie says:

    What a creative use of that lovely vintage fabric. It’s soooo pretty. Millie looks quite happy. Our California born dachsy has always loved snow, and SNOWBALLS!!!! She’s never liked getting wet with rain, but snow, no problem. No doubt Millie will love rolling in the grass when it’s finally back.

  6. what a gorgeous vintage bag!! I love the combination of the fabric and trims-so dainty and pretty. Love the photo of you and Millie Mae!

  7. Nancy, the photo of you two is so sweet, –you both are !!
    and that lovely beautiful vintage bag with your stunning flowers is so gorgeous, for a sunny walk ,hopefully very soon, dear.
    Hugs ,Dorthe

  8. just discovered your blog. you have some beautiful things here. love the shabby, romantic, vintage feel of everything. I see you are from Michigan too. Are you bracing for our next storm?!

  9. Oh wow dear Nancy, what a gorgeous bag!! So beautiful, soft and elegant. Very romantic and dreamy too. Love the beautiful flower you added.
    That photo of sweet Millie Mae, so cute!

  10. Nancy, this bag is exquisite!!! You have added the most perfect touches! and yes, that lil Miss Millie Mae is just too sweet! What breed is she? and are those your fingers in her mouth? heehee

  11. So beautiful! I did something similar with a blouse I found at a thrift shop a couple of years ago. Since the blouse didn’t fit me, it found a new use!

    Ah, Miss Millie Mae is so sweet! Love the little cone head!

  12. This is a gorgeous bag Nancy! Have a great weekend.


  13. A wonderful lace bag Nancy, it is so inspiring to see your creations, what a lovely photo of you and Millie Mae, she is so sweet.
    Hugs Anni

  14. Very pretty and romantic purse :)
    Love your photo of you and Millie, glad things have settled down for both of you, its so hard when they first come home, I still remember when we brought Cooper home and that was 5 years ago, boy was it hard.

  15. Oh Nancy what a truly delightful bag you have created from that Victorian dress petticoat and some special vintage laces and what is more truly beautiful is that photo of you sitting in the sunshine with Millie Mae.
    Hope you are keeping well!
    Sending love and and sunshine hugs,

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