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Hello My Friends! I hope this finds you enjoying summer. June has been a difficult month for me on a physical note. I had started an Aqua therapy class and on the second day injured my ankle on June 6. I stayed off it, and the swelling has not gone away so they are wondering if it is a tendon.

Then on June 14th, I took a terrible fall and fractured my humerus near the shoulder. We are not sure about the wrist at this point. I was at 4 doctor’s yesterday, and see the specialists in two days, Needless to say, this is all on my right side…my stroke effected side. I am trying to sleep in a lazy boy each night. I am not sure if surgery will be performed, it is a wait and see how I mend with arm.
So, I probably will not be creating art as my right arm is a sling for healing and my wrist is a mess.

I hope to be back in the groove soon and creating! I have been building my YouTube channel and would love if you can stop by and subscribe.

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