Vintage Stamped Tags

Hello My Friend’s!

Today, I was going to create no matter what it took. This summer has been extremely difficult to find time to make art and focus on it. The days are broken up just enough that you really don’t have a long window of time to sit and make anything.

I don’t know about you, but if I haven’t created for weeks, months it is a whole new ballgame getting on that cycle. I cannot just walk in a room and start making art unless the project had been with my mind earlier, the night before or something along those lines. I find the longer my art is rusty the more it is a struggle. Then, like riding a bike once I start and remain consistent my brain and desire opens up so many doors.

Covid-19 really put a slump on that for me. At first, I was fine because it really isn’t much different being confined then my everyday life. By June, I was feeling it. That is also when I started catching up on missed appointments, visits, etc.

Last night, I thought I would decide roughly what I would try and make today. My choice was tags. At least I knew my requirement of myself.

My tags are made from recycled manilla envelopes as the base. I then layered multiple papers (Tim Holtz) on top. I stamped each tag with gesso and a small piece of bubble wrap and used my heat gun to set it up. Collage photo images were then added, along with small snippets of stamped images. Coffee stained tags with stamping as well. Little bits of washi tape, a button, and some seam binding ribbon to tie off the top.

I hope you are all staying well during these uncertain times.

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