{Wake Me in December}


Hello My Friends –

Happy December to each of you! Yet again, I cannot believe that November went by in a blink of an eye. I have had some difficulty the past few weeks feeling out of sorts. Usually, I am getting my shop filled for the holiday season and prepping for some event to take place in December, and since I am still recovering that just isn’t happening.


I have been working on this for several weeks now. Something so simple in the past, requires so much energy now. This is a journal I hope to document my stroke journey/recovery in. I still learn something new about what happened, and want so badly to share with others that maybe they can avoid what I am going through right now.


I want to SHOUT OUT to the lovely comments and messages again that you continue to send. You have no idea what it means. I love hearing from those that have had similar experiences. Each stroke and recovery is different, the important part is that we are still here fighting.

I had two doctor’s remind me of that last month. They told me how lucky I was to survive where my stroke was because the location (pons/brain stem) they do not see very often, and it controls oxygen and blood pressure in the brain. I thank University of Michigan Hospital for giving me TPA quickly when I arrived. I believe they saved my life.

In the coming weeks I hope to share things from the archives still. My right hand is getting stronger (I can lift 1 lb. weights – soup cans), but I still tire very easily. Maybe in the New Year I will have artwork and a new perspective to share?

Happy December to you!



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