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It is time again for the annual “Where Bloggers Create” hosted by Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage. I would like to thank Karen for hosting this wonderful event online and the hours of work that go into it. I know we will be visiting many gorgeous studios during this event and I am looking forward to it.


I’m excited to share my own “wee studio space” during the event this year. We moved to our home in March 2010, and I had to give up my Old Sunroom Studio


While I do miss having a room to myself, I love the location of our new little house and the beauty that surrounds it.



I had my studio originally set up in our living room area, but I missed my Ikea Expedit for storage. While my basement has daylight windows, it is not finished and I wanted to be in the hub of our home. I also decided to purge quite a few of my supplies so they could fit into a smaller space. I truly believe that less is more now that I have done this. I do have some supplies down in the basement, but 95% are all contained in my studio area.


In October 2012 we painted our bedroom again then moved the majority of my old studio items into a half of the master bedroom.



I call this piece my “Birdhouse Shelf” which is one piece of a coordinating set I have. Some of the jars hold mementos close to my heart…old skeleton keys belonging to my Grandfather and lace, antique buttons that belonged to my Grandmother. Every once in awhile I open them and pilfer through to think of how old they are.


The old sewing machine drawer contains a photo of my Grandfather Orla Ford taken when he was a baby in 1899. It is one of my many cherished family heirlooms. The art deco box was given to me by my Mother-in-law when she found it at a flea market.


An old vintage suitcase, fabric heart, letter “N” and Somerset Magazines……



Since my wee studio area is also part of our bedroom and I also have pets, the majority of my supplies have been stored in boxes. It also helps me keep things more neat and tidy. If I have my own studio room again one day, I can’t wait to display items all over!




I change the vignettes on top and inside my Ikea Expedit quite often. I love this unit! It is the most versatile and practical storage and the best investment for my studio (or a home) I have ever made!




A vignette with things dear to my heart…the Steiff bear in a Christening gown was a gift to my daughter from her Great-Grandmother as a baby, a small china doll my Mom gave to me one Christmas long ago, and loose buttons…you will find button stashes all over my little space because I love them so!




One of my published altered books and a Petoskey stone…they can only be found in a certain area of Michigan and it reminds me of my love for the Great Lakes.




A vintage scale displays an altered album made by an artist friend and a wee fairy jar brings whimsical wishes…




The birdcage was in my parent’s condo and when my Mom moved she gave it to me…I gave it a coat of shabby white paint…






The large case holds larger lace remnants…



Little garden boxes contain supplies for my mixed media art




Old book and music sheets are contained in a galvanized tub with cabinet photos…




This is the back side of the Ikea Expedit shelf. On the bottom you can see the drawers that contain my supplies and in the cubbies there is cardstock.




The altered Fira drawers hold more lace, small collage images, embellishments, and bead supplies. I love these little cubbies and was sad when Ikea stopped manufacturing them…




A photo vignette contains my first date with hubby, a small fabric heart box my daughter gave to me years ago, old books and a few altered bottles…




My Alex drawers keep supplies and messes under control. Nothing pretty here – but one of the most practical pieces of storage I have ever owned…you can find them at Ikea.




Paper cutters, templates, and extra tools all within handy reach…inks, glitters, and various stamping supplies…paper punches and a divider box filled with embellishments…larger collage images to pilfer through and find something to create with…and some of my rubber stamp collection.



A side view of the studio area…the garland over the window displays some of my favorite cabinet cards and hand-made hearts.



A small antique table that belonged to my Great-Grandparent’s holds my sewing machine and a few other odds and ends.




This little cake tier was another family heirloom from my Grandmother’s china cabinet. She knew I loved purple like her and shared special pieces with me before passing away in 1985.




A heart shaped carnival glass bowl holds a collection of vintage rhinestone scatter pins. The bowl was given to me by my Grandmother-in-law who has since passed away.




Thank you so much for stopping by to visit my “wee” studio space. I love spending time here and hope you did too! I can’t wait to visit the other creative spaces during “Where Bloggers Create 2013”!

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