{Winter Evening Tales Textured Canvas}

Winter Evening Tales

Photo mounted on chipboard album cover

Vintage lace and cheesecloth adorn the background

Old rusty skeleton key takes center stage

I wanted to try and create an old vintage background to display this Paper Whimsy image, one that had antique laces but also texture. Perhaps, something that resembled worn leather or an old cabinet card album. I made this using two separate layers. The background is a 8 x 10 canvas which was layered with various shades of brown, black and copper paints over the antique laces. The center is a chipboard album cover that I attached the Paper Whimsy image. Since I was going for that old “attic” feel, the rusty key was a must have. I think she feels right at home here…even if “winter” is a few months away still. :)

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