{Winter Walk and WIP’s}


This is my healing spot. The place I go to to try and get exercise the best I can. The place where I learned to try and walk the best I can in a new way.

Today, I went with my dog Hailey (you will see her in lower right hand corner) and while I do not walk as far as I like, I walk. It was cold and sunny today and I went to drink in the sunshine before winter hits. Hailey does not mind going along the trail…she can meet new friends and smell new smells. I am so grateful for the Lakeland Trail. It is flat and safe for me and it has helped me try to return to who I once was.



This is what is on my work table. I really have been slacking on anything creative. But, I did sit down and finish a few of these over the weekend and that did my soul good!


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