{Winter White Tussie Mussie ~ Day #4}


Winter White Tussie Mussie

Soft as the first fallen snow, this tussie mussie can be used all year long simply by adding different embellishments to the inside.


Paper mache cone
Cream Craft Paint
Lace panel remnants
Lace trim
Silver tinsel stems
Mica Chips
Matte Gel Medium
Shredded music sheets
E6000 Glue
Book clips or clothespins
Fabric flowers (handmade)


(1) Paint paper mache cone with 2-3 coats of paint on exterior. Paint inside the cone about 2 inches from rim. Allow time to dry.


(2) Cut lace panel remnants to fit loosely around the cone. Using Matte gel medium, attach the lace to the cone. Apply matte gel to cone base and push lace on with brush. Set aside to dry.


(3) Glue along the outer edge of cone and run lace border. Attach book clips or clothespins to edge to help the lace stay in place and set up.


(4) Once lace trim has dried, poke two holes on either side of the cone and insert silver tinsel stem. Adjust to desired handle length and twist ends on each side to secure.


(5) Glue fabric flowers to the front of cone with E6000 glue and hold in place with a clothespin while it sets up.


(6) Brush matte gel medium on random spots all around the cone and dust with Mica chips. Tap off excess.


(7) Fill cone with craft shred or music sheet shred. Add Christmas picks to inside.


I have compiled all the tutorials from “A Very Vintage Christmas” into one easy to follow PDF file and it is available in my shop for instant download on to your computer:

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  1. ohhh gorgeous!! And yes you’re so right, you can use it all year round by changing what’s inside. Clever project! I love the shabbyness, the laces, the white/beige hues combined with the silver, beautiful… Hugs and till morrow!

  2. Love this little project and the handmade fabric flower! I cannot wait to try some of my antique matte mod podge on this project!

  3. Lovely and so many possibilities!

  4. Oh this is just such a lovely tussie mussie! Love the silver decorations with that white gorgeous flower! Happy Wednesday! Hugs!

  5. Very pretty! I need to find some paper mache cones…

  6. I do adore cones of any sort, this one is particularly lovely. Lucky me I have a stash of paper mache cones in various sizes :)

  7. Soooooo beautiful, dear Nancy! I love this cone :-)

  8. What can I say? Perfect timing, I’ve some started and I always love to see how others create theirs. A heart throb for sure, the lovely lace and colors are wonderful. You make my morning white chocolate so tasty

  9. This is so lovely in white-creame and silver, -
    beautiful with the big handmade flower, Nancy, and the silvery glow, is gorgeous for christmas.
    Thank you sweet.

  10. I love the tone-on-tone look of this sweet cone! Thanks for sharing.

  11. linda pflum says:

    Love this Nancy!
    Thanks again so much for offering such lovely items! You are so talented!!
    Hugs from me!

  12. This looks so sophisticated…..I’ve never heard the term ‘tussie mussie’ before!

  13. A beautiful and elegant tussie mussie, thank you Nancy!

  14. what a beautiful tussie mussie and presentation!! Love your handmade lace flower!

  15. I’ve always loved tussie mussies, and this cone is just gorgeous. I like things like this year round. Another wonderful tutorial. Thanks Nancy.

  16. These days of December are passing all too quickly yet you have allowed us the joy of stopping to see your lovely pieces of bliss each day and how you create them. Thank you. December Delights Dear…

  17. Another great project, Nancy! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  18. I love the lace on this one! And your photo layout is spectacular!

  19. Oooohhh another excuse to get out my lace. This is beautiful, Nancy.

    Chris xx

  20. Barbara S. says:

    I’m just catching up with yesterday’s post. I love this cone. There are so many ways that this could be decorated. I can’t wait to try some. Just lovely!

  21. Lynn Stevens says:

    I love making these too. Beautifully done Nancy!
    Hugs Lynn

  22. Ooooooooh this is so dreamy.

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