Winter White Tussie Mussie

I am sharing another project from Christmas past today…the art archives of 2013.

Soft as the first fallen snow, this tussie mussie can be used all year long simply by adding different embellishments to the inside.

Paper mache cone
Cream Craft Paint
Lace panel remnants
Lace trim
Silver tinsel stems
Mica Chips
Matte Gel Medium
Shredded music sheets
E6000 Glue
Book clips or clothespins
Fabric flowers (handmade)


(1) Paint paper mache cone with 2-3 coats of paint on exterior. Paint inside the cone about 2 inches from rim. Allow time to dry.

(2) Cut lace panel remnants to fit loosely around the cone. Using Matte gel medium, attach the lace to the cone. Apply matte gel to cone base and push lace on with brush. Set aside to dry.

(3) Glue along the outer edge of cone and run lace border. Attach book clips or clothespins to edge to help the lace stay in place and set up.

(4) Once lace trim has dried, poke two holes on either side of the cone and insert silver tinsel stem. Adjust to desired handle length and twist ends on each side to secure.

(5) Glue fabric flowers to the front of cone with E6000 glue and hold in place with a clothespin while it sets up.

(6) Brush matte gel medium on random spots all around the cone and dust with Mica chips. Tap off excess.

(7) Fill cone with craft shred or music sheet shred. Add Christmas picks to inside.

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