{Winter Wonderland Trinket Box}




I am putting the finishing touches on “A Very Vintage Christmas” and wanted to share a little project with you today. This is super simple to make and would be a great project for the kids too!

Please join me December 1st – 7th with a new tutorial featured each day on my blog. I am also putting together a PDF tutorial for those that might want to work ahead and that will be in my Etsy shop on Sunday.


Looking forward to playing with you each day!


Winter Wonderland Trinket Box

Oval Paper Mache Box
Cream Craft Point
German Silver Glass Glitter
Mother of Pearl Buttons
Vintage lace trim
E6000 Glue
Silver tinsel stem
Bottle Brush Trees
Computer word art
Spray fixative
Mica Chips
Paint Brush
Matte Gel Medium


(1) Paint paper mache box and lid with several coats of cream craft paint.

(2) Once box has been covered with paint, glue lace along the edge meeting ends on one side. Apply book clips to lace/box lid to keep it from shifting while glue sets up. When glue and lace have adhered to box lip, remove book clips.

(3) Glue silver tinsel stem along edge of box and lace. Trim off access where ends meet. Use book clips again to maintain shape and position while the tinsel stem adheres to lip of box. Remove clips once it is dry.

(4) Apply matte gel medium to the lid of the box and sprinkle lid with Silver German Glass Glitter. You will want to do this in a small container (that can be thrown away), box or a paper plate. Make sure to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from any stray glass. Allow time to dry. Once lid has dried, tap off access glass and spray with a fixative to keep glass from coming loose.

(5) Apply matte gel medium to bottle brush trees and roll or sprinkle with Mica chips. Allow time to dry. Once trees have set up, glue to lid of box with E6000 glue in a pleasing arrangement. Add buttons to lid with dabs of E-6000 on the back.

(6) Type out a Christmas phrase and glue to front of box.

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