{Ye Shabby Roses Bunting}

I have been a bad blogger the past several weeks and must apologize for that. My plate is more than full right now and many changes will be occurring to lessen my load. Many of you don’t know that I work from home doing the Etsy shop and maintaining a local School Districts web sites. There is a purpose for why I am home now, and that has clicked since we found so many things wrong with my brother the last few weeks. He is mentally challenged, so many things he cannot do for himself, but in 2 weeks he lost 4 pounds on his new “diabetic diet” and he has tried to get more active physically. Hubby and I are having to watch what he eats still while he gets used it.

I appreciate your prayers and support the past few weeks and ask that you can continue to send that positive thinking our way. Hubby has his knee operated on June 25, and my brother has more medical tests on a separate issue in a few weeks. We pray that it is a good outcome, but are preparing ourselves for what may lay ahead.

I feel like there isn’t enough time to create with all that has been going on in our household – but managed to create this bunting yesterday. If I am MIA, just know that we seem to be living at the doctor, hospital etc. lately.

The Giveaway

Thank you to everyone that posted a comment. Sorry for the delay in drawing names.
The winner of this piece is Joye Outlar. Congratulations Joye! I hope you enjoy it.

I selected two more names for a wee little something: Dorthe and Sonya. I will be sending something your way also! :)

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