{Bewitched Cone}

Hello and Happy October! I am sharing another project from the archives today. Things are still moving along…some good days and some bad. Weather has been amazing here, and I only wish it would stay year round. It sure does lift my spirits. I am working on some fine motor skills for my Occupational Therapy, and I *hope* next blog post will be something NEW to share with you!

Thank you so much for your kind words, prayers, positive thoughts and encouragement. It means so much!

As seen on the Paper Whimsy Inspire Blog

The whisper of October’s falling leaves, crisp air, and colorful pumpkins everywhere…this “Bewitched Cone” is an enchanting project sure to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Single30b PNG
Backgrounds 02 PNG
Rusty Bell Garland
Studio Cloth
Kraft Shed
Rustic Folk Star
Rustic Pins
Black Ball Trim or lace
Black Ribbon
Black Craft Paint
Tacky Glue
Silver Sparkle

(1) Trace large circle (I used a dinner plate) on to Studio Cloth. Cut out and cover with black craft paint. Once dry, flip and cover areas that will peek out when it is rolled into a cone.

(2) Roll circle into a cone shape. Glue areas where the cone meets and clamp to dry with clothespins or book binding clips.

(3) When cone is dry, add black lace around top edge. This can be done with a needle and thread or hot glue gun.

(4) Cut black ribbon for handle hanger and black ribbon streamers for front. Tack on with a few stitches.

(5) Print Single30b PNG (isn’t she spooky?) on to matte card stock photo paper. Cut out a piece of chipboard to match photo dimensions and collage image using Perfect Paper Adhesive or Matte Gel Medium. Set aside to dry.

(6) Coat Rustic Folk Stars with Perfect Paper Adhesive and dust with a coat of silver glitter. Glue star to center front of cone, and glue two of the stars to bamboo skewers. Tie black ribbon underneath.

(7) Print script from Backgrounds 02 PNG and roll. Attach a staple in back to secure.

(8) Cut and tea stain two pieces of cheese cloth (approximately 4.5 inches by 10 inches each). Set aside to dry.

(9) Stuff cone with kraft shred. Add photo, rolled script tube, tuck cheesecloth in front and back of cone, silver stars, and straw flowers.

(10) Dust the cone with black glitter in certain areas using tacky glue.

(11) Wrap rusty bell garland around the base of the cone. You may need to glue it at the back to hold the bells in place.

This cone will make a charming accent to your home, office, studio or to give as a gift this Halloween season. I would love to see your “Bewitched Cone” project. Can you share it with me by placing a link on the Paper Whimsy Inspire Blog?

{Shabby Roses Fabric Pouch}


I wanted to share this project I did for kindredstitchesmagazine.com/ back in July. The Project was released just before I had my stroke, and I am delayed in posting and sharing it. All the instructions are available at their web site through Apple or Android (this is a digital magazine). They also have a pattern shop so I really encourage you to stop by for a visit.


A little video made on September 1, 2014 that my daughter Alli did on her phone.
I have posted it to my personal Facebook page, but after long consideration decided to share it publicly with all of you, this way you know I am o.k.!

I want to thank you for your continued support and encouragement. I love receiving the emails, snail mail, and comments on my blog. I want to say that EACH and EVERY one of you would be doing the same thing, FIGHTING to get back what was taken.

I learn something NEW everyday about strokes. I hope to very soon share my own story of the day it happened, and share some pics of my stroke as well (need to get hold of the MRI first.) I finished with 3 weeks of wearing a heart monitor yesterday, and *hopefully* I do not have A fib. Lots of doctors still to see, and OT and PT is scheduled until the end of October.

{Somerset Holidays & Celebrations 2014}




I was tickled to receive this in the mail last week the 2014 copy of “Somerset Holidays and Celebrations”…inside there were two articles from pieces I had submitted. “Lovely Lace Banners” on pages 50 – 51, “Sweet & Shabby Mitten Ornaments” pages 112 – 113, “Magical Snowflake Faerie Wands” page 138 and Vintage Winter Tags page 141.

I feel especially blessed with this issue seeing my art. I am hopeful to start creating in the near future. I am already using my right hand for some light typing and they have me picking up pegs, clothespins, and all sorts of things at Occupational Therapy. I cannot tell you how much your kind words and encouragement during this time mean to me, especially those that came out of the woodwork to MAKE a COMMENT! God Bless You! I will beat this no doubt in my mind, but it will take time. They are already impressed with my determination! I hope to share my story soon with all of you! Happy Tuesday!

{Starting New}



On July 24, 2015 – three weeks ago today I had a stroke. I have been in acute rehab at the University of Michigan hospital until August 12th. It effected the right side of my body, and I am learning to walk and use my right arm again. They are hopeful I will make a full recovery, but I have a very long road ahead of me. I am learning to type with my left hand at the moment, and will be involved with more occupational and physical therapy as an outpatient. Not sure when I will be able to create art again, but gaining use of my right hand is more important to me than walking.

Thank you for the support and I plan to beat this! :-)

{Celebrating Our 50th’s in Northern Michigan}


This week (July 13th – 16th) I had the wonderful experience of getting away with my girlfriend since 6th grade to celebrate our 50th birthday’s (belated) in Traverse City, Michigan. Merilee had booked our lovely room at this B & B back in December and selected it because of the Scottish motif it was decorated in. It was such a charming place to rest and take in the area.

You can learn more about it here: http://www.aberdeenstonecottage.com/



The yard had many cute little accents, plantings, and statues throughout. It was a pleasure wandering around outside.



We stayed in the “Heather room” which was filled with “quilts” that the owner’s Mom had made. A cute little room was also off our main room – perfect for any child (or short person) to hide in.



One of the neighbors homes had this amazing vignette on her front porch. We stopped to talk to her about it, she “rock stacks”…if you Google it you can see all sorts of forms and their are videos on how to do this as well. What intrigued me was the chicken wire is actually filled with unpolished Petoskey stones — quite collectible and only found in Michigan.


This gorgeous funeral home is located in Traverse City and was built by lumber baron Perry Hannah. The Queen Anne is over 43,000 square feet. I have never seen a home so gorgeous. We asked about getting a tour — but they need to be scheduled in advance.

More on the house here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perry_Hannah_House



One of our main reasons in going was so I could visit Sleeping Bear Dunes and check it off my bucket list. I have been within a mile or two of this place before during my previous lighthouse adventures, but was not able to stop and see it. This National Park is amazing and goes for miles and miles and miles. Standing and looking over the dunes out on to Lake Michigan was surreal. I still am pinching myself wondering if it was real!


photo 5

photo 1

A bestie selfie of this majestic place!

After visiting the dunes, we drove up to Northport, Michigan to visit the Grand Traverse Lighthouse. A gorgeous drive along the Leelanau  peninsula with beautiful bodies of water, quaint villages, summer homes and scenery to take in.



On day #2, we drove up Old Mission in search of Merilee’s Grandfather’s cottage home. We were pleased to find it, still standing along the West Bay and it brought back many happy memories. We journeyed further north to Old Mission lighthouse on this rainy day and took photos under our umbrellas of the lighthouse. It has now been opened to the public as well.


Just a few days away – not nearly enough time and home again! But the sweet memories of being with my bestie and taking in the beautiful sites around the area are priceless!

{Summer Breeze Altered Cottages}





This is my project for the Paper Whimsy Inspire Project this week…hope you can stop by their web site!

At this time of year I long to be along the beach, specifically the Great Lakes. They are located in my home state and I have felt most content along their shores since I was a wee girl. My project was inspired in thinking of cute beach side cottages, lake/sea air, and summer breezes.

I used a palette of soft robins egg blue, lavender and periwinkle. I wanted to keep the houses simple – like a quaint little cottage. But, the marvelous part of alterables is creating the art to the extent that pleases you. Add more baubles, sparkles, and bling if your heart desires.

I hope you will have fun created this set. I altered each side so they could be changed from time to time wherever they should be displayed.



(1) Paint house edges with craft paint of your choice. I used a robins egg blue hue. Once dry, add pattern paper to front and backs with matte gel medium. Add torn strips of coordinating paper, sheet music, etc. to add dimension to each piece. I covered both front and back of each house.

(2) Paint shapes with craft paint. Add images to insides using matte gel medium. Add words to each house.

(3) Glue shapes to front of each house with E6000 glue. Add buttons, paper roses, and other embellishments.


Supplies Used:

PW-LE01-2S-300 PW-LSF01-300 PW-LEW-300

PW-LHH01-300 sheet028-150 sheet041-150

sheet112-300sheet192-D-150 sheet260-150

digisheet180-150 digisheet264-300