{Batting Hearts}


I have been listing items in my shop as I unpack and have time. I wanted to share these three with you today. A heart ornament, a little calico fabric collage bag, and a heart pin. Counting down to creative time next week!


{Autumn Awakened}


I wanted to share the mill that is in the little downtown area of where I live. It serves as the Library and there is also a museum on the 2nd and 3rd floors. It was a perfect fall day when I was able to get out and take photos (these are just a few). I really love the architecture of this building and would love to know the style (it appears German or Dutch ?) I am still unpacking, seriously. Moving would not be so bad if you just had to deal with the furniture. I keep saying this, but it is so true. Part of me just wants to pack it all and haul it off to donate at Goodwill from frustration. I promised myself that next week I was creating again, no matter how many things still needed to be put away. I hope you are enjoying autumn wherever you are. It has been a beautiful one in Michigan.

{October’s New Ways}





Hello and Happy October!

I have been slowly settling into my new place since September 15. The whole move was a nightmare and I don’t ever want to go through something like it again. My realtor turned out to be a terrible person. The whole thing was so toxic it makes me ill thinking about it. But, I am still in one piece and have a roof over my head. I am still making trips to a storage unit to get my “stuff” and my furniture came last week. The air mattress was getting a little old to say the least!  One thing I do know, is we really do not need the things we think we need. We have so much stuff, and at the end of the day is that what really makes you happy? For me, I am ready to leave it all on the curb and let people have at it (I really think it could happen at this point) and that stuff is being moved and moved again.  In the end, I will be letting go of it very soon.

I am sharing some photos of the cute little town I live in now, it is about 40 miles north of where I lived for over 31 years so this is a major change. There are so many shops, historical buildings, and lawn art. Everyone is super friendly too! I took the bigger bedroom for my studio (because there is too much stuff)! I have missed you all and hope to hop on the blog (and art making) wagon soon!

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