{Lacy Fabric Tags and Replica Key}



This sweet key was given to me this past week when my daughter was unpacking some of her things since her move here. It is a replica she purchased at the Whitefish Point Lighthouse gift shop, most likely one of the lighthouse keepers from long ago. But, I just love it!! Last night, she sent me a link that they still needed volunteers to stay at some of the lighthouses this year as “keepers” in part of a volunteer program Michigan does with many of their lights. I am sending an email this morning to see if any of those “spots” are still available. What an awesome service that would be!





These are a few fabric tags that I made a few weeks back. Still getting used to the sewing machine, but I am further then I was two months ago controlling and using it. The weather has been so gorgeous here this past week, all I want to do is be outside and drink it in.


{Vintage Laces Fabric Book}











Ahhhhhh! To sew and to sew some more…such little things we take for granted and now I can do them again in small doses. First, it was tackling the pedal on the machine. My ankle was not strong enough in February, but now after wearing ankle weights and trying over and over I can control the pedal pretty darn good! :-)

This fabric book has oodles of antique laces, vintage collars and mother of pearl buttons. I also added some Tim Holtz music fabric and a few of his fabric cabinet card images (thanks to Terri Heinz) and of course the beautiful images throughout the book are from Paper Whimsy.

Thanks for peeking at my art work! Wishing you a Terrific Tuesday!

{Sweet Little Cuffs}









I started these cuffs back in May 2014. All that they really needed were a few more buttons and lace to tie them around the wrist. This week I sat down and finished them. It felt good to complete them after they had been sitting waiting for so long. Lots of vintage laces, mother of pearl buttons, and seed beads on each one.


{Spring is Spiffy}



Hello! I am so happy to be writing this and the birds are chirping, snow is melting, and sun is shining. It really was hard the past few months when “winter” really hit here. It also wasn’t much fun if I did get out using a cane in the snowy, icy, yucky mess. Isn’t it nice to go outside even if the grass isn’t green and breathe the fresh air? I’m just sharing so random things from my life the past few weeks here as most of my art gets started…but never completed at this point.


This jar in my studio area will be filled with random baby shoes. The pair you see was given to me by Terri Heinz of Artful Affirmations last December and I adore them.

My daughter moved back home 2 weeks ago, and things are more chaotic in some ways around here. I am very happy she is here even though we are on opposite schedules. She has moved into the basement, and let’s just say it was a mess down there before she even came. I am looking forward to having her here and so far we ventured to Joann Fabrics to pick out this fabric for a skirt I am trying to sew for myself.



I recently acquired my Dad’s signet ring and am so thrilled. I’ve admire it ever since I was a little girl, and was so pleased that it fits my finger so perfectly. I love heirlooms and this one has to be in my top of things inherited.

Instagram continues to be a source of fun for me because things can be posted so quickly there. If you have an account…I’d love if you would follow me: instagram.com/sugarlumpstudios

I hope it is spiffy and springy wherever you are! :-)