{Fancy Antiquities Box}





My muse for the Paper Whimsy Inspire project this week came from my love of antiquities and romance. I envisioned the project to be something a vintage lady may have on her bureau or the contents of the drawers where she kept treasures. I selected a soft and muted palette for my color scheme with just a hint of mauve, dusty purple and soft greens.


(1) I select a plain cigar box to construct my project within. The box measures approximately 11 inches tall by 7 inches. On the interior of the box, I added old sheet music and layered pattern papers in different widths using matte gel medium. I then added the Beautiful faces to the center of each piece.

(2)A old crocheted vintage doily was added to the center and random wooden thread spools to the bottom of the box. I glued these all in place with E6000.

(3) The Alterables were painted in a warm beige craft paint and then I applied the pattern paper over each using matte gel medium. Once the paper had dried onto the piece I went in with a craft knife and tiny scissors to trim away the access. The edges were softened using the Pan pastel along the edges.

(4)I attached a piece of seam binding and the old crystal prism to the bottom of the Fancy Paddle fan because I wanted it to resemble a vintage hand mirror. I also attached copper jewelry rings to the Fancy Banner. Little old fashioned buttons were added to the side and interior of the box as well.

Supplies Used:


{Fairy Ring Gothic Arch Book}


















I finished this Gothic Arch book that I had been working on for the past few weeks over the weekend. Lots of springy colors and Paper Whimsy images and alterables throughout it. It’s been awhile since I’ve made one — and it felt good to finally get some art done from beginning to end.

I came across this a few weeks ago on Pinterest and had to share…made me feel better about my artist self! ;) Happy Monday!


{Winged Pastel Lacey Arches}






I am embracing the first day of Spring this week like never before! It certainly was a long, snowy, and very cold winter – and while I do LOVE the winter season I am ready to say good-bye to it. My heart welcomes the birds tweeting, the suns warm glow, and the flora and fauna coming alive.

My muse for the Paper Whimsy Inspire Project this week was directed by colors and thoughts of spring. I used robins-egg blue, French blue, and a soft silver paint on the projects. The little wire hangers could also be replaced using pretty pastel ribbons. For those of you that display an Easter tree each year, the little winged pastel arches would make a perfect addition.

Happy Spring!


(1) Paint wings with several coats of silver metallic craft paint. Once dry, add Matte Gel Medium to wing front and sprinkle silver German glass glitter on top. Tap off access glitter. *You could also use silver glitter or silver Stickles for this processs.

(2) Paint Lace Arches using pastel shades of craft paint. I painted one in a Robin’s-Egg blue, French blue, and the soft metallic silver.

(3) Add pattern papers to the background area of each arch using matte gel medium. Add images, flowers, word art and several coats of matte gel medium.

(4) Glue and center wings to back of each arch using craft glue. Once dry, add wire to each wing for hanging purposes. Glue crystal bling and small buttons (or sequins). Apply matte gel medium and dust with mica chips.


Materials Used:

PW-LTBS-300 USMF01-300 digisheet123-02sheet232-150 sheet259-150 gothsheet03thb-026630-00-150dar10044-35thb

{Victorian Petticoat Flounce Bag}






I’m sharing something that I created using a Antique Victorian Dress Petticoat Flounce…a little shabby…a little old…and a pinch of romance thrown in for good measure. I’ve had the remnant in my stash for a couple months just waiting to be made into something. There are wonderful stains and little tiny tears from wear in it too. I added a lace handle and two of my handmade fabric flowers for some girly girl bling.


I’m also enjoying Miss Millie Mae more and more each day! We were able to go outside and enjoy some sunshine the other day — but she seems to love the snow (her older sister cannot stand it.) Millie won’t know what grass is until May with the amount still on the ground! :-)

{Ode to Jessie}


When March 3rd arrives each year, I always reminisce about my maternal Grandmother. Grandma Jessie Mary (Simms) Ford was born March 3, 1903 (03/03/03) on a farm in Redford, Michigan which is now part of Detroit. She was one of 9 children.

Jessie (top left), William and Florence

Grandma was a fun lady to be around and very crafty. Mom always said I got my creative gene from her. From the time I was six until age eighteen, I rarely saw my Maternal Grandparents due to a family falling out. They only lived 1/2 hour away…but unless it was a funeral or someones wedding I didn’t see them. But, I always received birthday and Christmas cards, and various notes during the year…so I did feel loved by them.

Sheehan School – Redford Michigan –
Grandpa and Grandma went to school together

During my last visit with my Grandfather in December 1982 (age 18), he broke down and wept like a child. He apologized for all the years that he had not been involved in my life. I reassured him, that I always knew that they loved me and promised to be back for a visit soon, he told me I would not see him again. He was right, as he passed away about a week later. Although, it was painful to see my Grandpa cry over the years of dysfunction, I was glad he had closure on it before he left this earth.

I still have the letters, cards, etc. that were sent and occasionally pull them out to read and feel close to my Grandparent’s again.

When my Grandmother was losing her battle to cancer, I spent a lot of time with her. We both loved the color purple — and she would have me pick something out of her china cabinet to take home whenever I was there. Most of the antiques in my home are from Grandma and I treasure each and every one of them. Many reside in my studio area where I can be surrounded by memories of those I have loved! I am sharing just a few of the items I have from the Simms/Ford side…


Lace tatting, mother of pearl buttons and a cameo that belonged to Grandma

Cake tier (purple violets) from Grandma’s China cabinet

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to you Grandma! I bet they’re playing BINGO up in heaven!

{Faith Altered Cabinet Card Canvas}







These pieces were inspired by the fabric flowers I created last spring…you may remember the fabric and lace wedding bouquet I made here

The tag is quite simplistic – but that is what I love most about. Just some old sheet music lyrics at the bottom of the tag and lace remnants.

The canvas was made using one of the recent cabinet photos given to me by dearest daughter…I covered a flat 8 x 10 canvas with an old tissue dress pattern. Added some vintage Polish sheet music as a layer on top. Next, I glued silver photo corners (E6000 glue) on the cabinet photo and mother of pearl buttons. Add a bit of E6000 to the back of the cabinet card and place on top of covered canvas. I added an antique crocheted doily at an angle in the upper corner (E6000 glue) and attached vintage seam binding ribbon (Oatmeal) and the handmade fabric flower. Super easy and simplistic – but my daughter and I are pleased with the results!


Had to also share this photo from my archives…my Dad (front row left) and his older brother Jack (looking up behind him) when they were choir boys at the Presbyterian church they attended in Detroit growing up. Tugs at my heartstrings!

Happy Saturday! :)