{Happy February}

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Hello and Happy February! Since I have not been creating today I am featuring some projects from Valentine past. February is one of my favorite month’s because of Valentine’s Day…and also I was born in this month.

I went to the doctor again last week and told him all my woes. I knew in my gut that things were not right, and he listened and ordered many blood tests. I received the results by phone call last Saturday and now know that I have mono/EBV (Epstein Barr Virus)…honestly…I have never been so ill. Since I have auto immune problems anyways it probably really hit me hard. Today I had an ultrasound on liver (fine) and more blood work and I will go in again Thursday for blood again. I am still not convinced that the flu shot and tdap vaccine did not cause this as that is when I got so ill in December and it just seemed to be escalating.

The good news is I know what it is now and I have a new appreciation for anyone that has mono. Trying to rest and take it easy, but honestly after 18 months of fighting the stroke and deficits from it and now this I feel more then defeated.

My goal for the month is to get well and create something. Anything. Art does heal and I am a firm believer in that. Thanks for listening to me wah wah wah one more time. I hope next time my post will be much more happy and healthy!

Hugs to you all for your support!

{Celebrating 30 years}



My oldest son Ian turns 30 today. I cannot believe how the years have flown by. It really does not seem possible. He is going to get me out to celebrate (it’s raining here) for Thai food. He is a busy man, working full-time and attending grad school. Always nice to be able to spend time with him.

I am still here. My Canon camera stopped working 2 weeks ago and I am still waiting to hear what is wrong. I have a feeling it will not be good news considering it is 11 years old now. I am trying to take pictures with my Smart phone the same way…but it really does not work always. I am still struggling with my immune system and was at the doctor yesterday again. Tired of not being well.

I hope you are all having a good January. It sure has been a strange one. Happy Tuesday!