Studio Space Finds & Journaling

I just wanted to share my latest studio additions this past week. Miss Adelaide has a new vintage straw hat that was found at a recent shopping trip. I thought it suited her and she seems to like it too!

I have been trying to journal from time to time. Since my stroke effected my right side, learning to write was (and is) difficult. I don’t do it often, but drawing faint lines with a pencil really helped. I am sharing that spread with you.

My new banker’s chair was something I won on an online auction. The leading bid was $9.00, so I probably went a little too high at $23.00 but so happy that I did. It was quite the haul to go get it picked up too! I asked on Instagram if I should paint it white to match my studio or leave it. Leaving it seems to be what most favored. Tucker (my cat) loves it too. I plan to sew a chair pad for it as well.

Vintage Collage House Canvas

Hello August!

Today, I am sharing something from 2013 art archives. This is an altered canvas I made using ephemera, mother of pearl buttons, vintage laces, and a collage piece that was done on a smaller flat canvas.

I am really grateful that the temperatures are just a tad bit cooler over the last few days. Summer always seems to come and go so quickly, but especially this year. I hope you are enjoying what we have left of summer!

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