{May is National Stroke Awareness Month}






Happy May!

This month is National Stroke Awareness Month. I feel so strongly about sharing the warning signs of stroke since I suffered mine in July 2014 that I want to continue to share whatever information I can. No one should ever have to go through one and they happen at all ages. They say that 1 – 6 people will suffer a stroke in their lifetime and that is one too many!

While I continue to struggle with my right side and my brain is still numb (like a visit to the dentist) some days are better then others. The barometric pressure really plays havoc with me (especially when it is going to rain) and on those days I have learned not to push myself. Often, it feels like I am drunk when I am not. If the brain and my motor skills refuse to cooperate – no sense in getting even more frustrated with the situation.

My mission this month (besides sharing stroke awareness) is to lose some weight! I have gained quite a few pounds from not being as mobile. I am nearing the two year mark since my stroke happened and also of being smoke free!

Bless you all for being so supportive during my journey! xoxoxoxo

I was honored to be asked to share my story recently and the post is featured on this web site:


I hope you will find the information useful and come stop by!

{Little Bits of Love Fabric Book}
















Happy Saturday! This little fabric book I made during January/February and was finally able to photograph it. I was truly lost without my camera – and while it was never repaired (long story and an unhappy one) I had to go and replace it because of my business.

Each page is a fabric image of old Valentine postcards. I added pocket pages, lace doilies and oodles of trim as well. Sari silk tops the front cover. I am in a sewing mood again and hope to start creating more.


{Lace and Spools Shrine – Simply Neutrals #22}


I am joining Wen from Apple Apricot for another Simply Neutrals Tuesday.

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This is just a little neutral shrine I made over the past weekend from a cigar box. I cut the lid off, and filled the inside with lace remnants behind an old photograph. On the lower portion there are little spools that I added remnants of old lace. Lots of mother of pearl buttons too.

I really have been trying to create art this past week to make my mind happier…but I have not been a good girl in getting to my friend’s blogs to compliment them on their art!


I found this photo from my archives and wanted to share it as well today. This little vignette includes my daughter’s baby shoes and a silver heart locket that my children gave me for Mother’s Day years ago. I used to have this display on my bedroom dresser, but it has since changed many times.


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